Zo Babe Annual

Amazingly, fatty lumpkin is about to turn one! How did that happen? Absolutely time for BABY PHOTOS!

Some fun facts about the lumpkin:

  • favourite activity – “doing science”
  • best friend – Orlando.
  • can often be heard – singing “open shut them” in baby gibberish, complete with hand gesturing.
  • favourite toy – old barbie convertible car from the op shop. It’s got nice wheels.
  • gets about – by scooching his bum along the floor.
  • favourite food – banana.
  • best noise-maker – hands for drumming (he’s got rhythm!)or the xylophone.
  • words he can say – mum mum, dadadadadadada, nan nan, lan-do & banana
  • In summary, Azaro is a thoroughly delicious baby, has a good hearty laugh and a silly giggle which we hear often. He is generous with his cuddles, but will give kisses if you ask. If you request that he clap his hands he will demonstrate the technique. An apple is nothing to his 4 mighty toothiepegs.

    1 thought on “Zo Babe Annual

    1. Happy 1st Birthday Azaro!

      vegan carrot cake with cashew nut icing. It just seemed appropriate that a Totoro cake would be delicious and ultimately animal friendly. Also: Zo’s completely amazing Godfather is vegan (with the superpowers) and it’s most fun to be able to share with everyone at a party.

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