Cloud 9

So sensationally happy and floaty and wonderful! The sun is out, my hardenbergia alba are a mass of snowy blossoms, I push-mowed the lawn in a skirt and bare feet, Orlando is singing little songs and the Zo babe is cruising around like a champ. And that’s just the beginning!

The Nihao Pingyao project is full steam ahead – we completely obliterated our first target and raised enough for all four of us to be able to travel to China. So much support for our art! It’s overwhelming with warm fuzzy feelings.

chimera’s ball

And then, I find out that my little photograph chimera’s ball has won the 2D category prize at the annual Craftsouth SALA exhibition “WishList”. Amazing! I sense some new dresses on the horizon 🙂

I have another happy thought too, but I need to keep it a secret just a little bit longer so as not to tempt fate. & before you ask – no more babies just yet, thank you! Two is plenty for now ^_^

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