Hello China: The Nihao Pingyao project

All kinds of excitement here at the moment. Tomorrow is Baby Zo’s 1st Birthday, B is in blissful euphoria over his new library job, and my photos have been selected as part of an international photography festival in China (PIP). Very nice.

So very, very especially nice because I’m going to go to China in September to be there 😀 What?? Well, we are calling it the “Nihao Pingyao” project (Translation: Hello Pingyao – say it out loud, I dare you.) We’ve been raising money for our project through an online crowdfunding website called Pozible – and the response has been really heartwarming. We?? It’s a really amazing thing. I’ve recently met a group of photographers whose work I find truly inspiring. A whole bunch of people to completely photogeek out with as a fun social event! EXTREME GEEKNESS. A long story that ends with some of us having work curated into the PIP festival and some fewer of us deciding that travelling to Pingyao, China is entirely necessary. It is, trust me.

Which brings me to the Nihao Pingyao project. Basically, we’re having an online Bake Sale (& real life ones too!) You should pop on over – maybe you’ll even see something you like. It’s for a good cause, after all.

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