getting to know the enemy: van sowerwine

'Expecting' by Van Sowerwine and Isobel Knowles 2003

In Selma Fraiberg’s most excellent book on child psychology she describes the “spooky twilight world that is closer to the world of the dream than the world of reality” that very young children inhabit. I admire Van Sowerwine‘s work because she manages to translate that world into this one. I think I’ll always remember experiencing the interactive new media installation ‘expecting’ (above, which toured with Experiementa: The House of Tomorrow). It was the first time I experienced an artwork being as inviting as a lolly shop, and as intriguing as a fairy tale.

Sowerwine uses purpose made puppets throughout her work – perhaps that is how she works the magic of childhood into the Land of Giants, where us grown ups hang out these days.

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