Echo Tunnel

Sunny weather is on, so we took advantage of a lazy afternoon to pack a picnic & go stomping around Belair National Park.

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There’s more coolfun stuff to do in Belair than a single afternoon allows, assuming you’re not just after a hike through the trees of course. This time, we did have a goal in mind: Echo Tunnel! It’s the perfect time of year for this particularly butterfly-infested area of Belair, & the boys had never been, so it seemed like just the thing.

Oh yes, junk words on the walls & much darker once you’re inside. Just the thing for exciting the blood of young explorers.

On the far side of the tunnel, we found the path quite overgrown with blackberries, grass & wildflowers, so we didn’t get too much farther, which is ok. Short legs & all. Still, we managed to pick a good spot – as we enjoyed some fruit & the boys gibbered happily, some nearby koalas let us know that, yes, we were being quite loud. 99 points for sighting a drop bear taking lunch!

Orlando has taken great strides in following his mother’s photographic footsteps, as revealed by this clever group photo;

2 thoughts on “Echo Tunnel

  1. I’m so proud of ‘lando for making it all the way there (& back again) without needing a picky-up. That was a long way for a little guy. Perhaps all the bridges and butterflies helped…
    You’re a pretty fine photographer yourself, Daddo. I like it that I’m not on camera duty for all our fun times. This is my favourite picture from the Echo Tunnel Adventure: 'lando, 'relia & zo holding hands in echo tunnel
    & I think everyone would like to see some more happy faces:
    Big Smiles from Zo Babe

    We also got to see lots of friendly geckos who were very interested in the banana peel. One of them even gave ‘lando’s hand a little kiss! Lucky.

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