Short Trip

Packed up the car on Friday the 13th for a quick trip to Deep Creek.
Happy Campers

Weather report said chance of sprinkles Saturday morning, no big deal when the days are so sunny, right? So after class we piled into the Been + raced the sunset to Trig campground, our only neighbors being kangaroos. With the last of the light fading away, I made dinner while Aurelia set up the tent and Orlando ran around waving a torch, declaring there to be “lots of trees!” 🙂

It was a very warm night, so after O passed out we made cocoas + enjoyed a bit of quiet time under the moon. . . meanwhile, ominous clouds moved in from the ocean. . .

I woke briefly around midnight to the sound of gentle rain, so I pulled our shoes in the tent.

Around 3am, ‘lando wakes us with a yell, what’s going on?! It’s raining fairly steadily now. . . + then the tent lights up electric blue, a thundering BADOOOOM! following a second later. The rain seems to be slowing, but our rainfly is nearly soaked through, + if we get any more cloudbursts we’ll be swimming, so I make the executive decision to break camp. The rain piddles on us as we toss O, smiling at the excitement, in the car, + proceed to tear our tent down while lightning strikes just off to the south. Short trip.

Just a bit out of Deep Creek the sky explodes again. Tomorrow we will be full of “Rain! Tent!” talk, but for now it’s trail mix + sing-a-longs as we make our way back to Adelaide.


Not Unusual

This is how Reya rolls.


Spring Colours

New Shoots Post-Burn
+ with the turn of the weather, it’s time to check in with our good friends at Deep Creek Conservation Park! It’s been 7 months since our last road trip, + there’s nothing better to shake off the winter blahs than a warm day spent hiking in the shade of green canopy! There are a lot of wildflowers blooming this time of year, so this entry is both colourful + image-heavy; you’ve been warned 😀

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Winter Sunset

Sunset at Minda Beach