Year of the Waffle Iron

Blowhole Beach Hike Panoramic

Yes, it’s true, we successfully surmounted anniversary nombre eight – small appliances. However, it would seem that waffle technology has not quite caught on at David Jones’ department store, so we went camping instead. ‘relia booked us an overnight at one of the ultra-cozy cottages in Deep Creek National Park. We stayed in Goondoolo Cottage, + it has everything, including a better equipped kitchen than here at home.

Roo family on a stroll We pulled everything out of the Been + tossed it into the cottage (oohing + ahhing at all the room + decor), then Miss 28 Weeks Along demanded some Awesome Hike Action, so we donned our stompin’ shoes + set off for Blowhole Beach (marked “hard” on the bushwalking guide, mostly for steepness I think). We made it about two-thirds the way along to where a convenient bench was waiting for us. It provided an excellent vantage point to watch the 4wheel drives crawl along the 4wheel drive track down to a carpark for those too slack to hike down to Blowhole, while a posse of Western Greys made their way up + over the hill.

Beyond the sandy beach + across the Backstairs Passage we had a good view of Kangaroo Island – if you look really close at the panorama up top, you can see it atop the water. . . + on the other side is a wee orangey Reya! That’s right, squint! I tried to stay a ways back in case she came rolling back down. Back at the top a few more roos were picnicking at the side of the path, seeming rather unconcerned about us. Very nice.

Knackered + ready to get out of the wind, it’s cup tea time back at the cottage. The birds have taken over outside – a handful of crimson rosellas, a few noisy magpies, honeyeaters by the dozen sweeping around. We watched them through the cottage’s huge picture windows while the sun set. As it got dark, ‘relia started a fire

romantic happening

+ the little combustion heater kept us toasy while the wind blustered about outside. Light supper + a bit of reading from my Big Book O’ Murder Mystery, as well as all the beverages + raspberry muffin to share. Plenty of smooching too, you would hardly believe we’ve been married so long 😀

See Ya Next Time!

7 Year Which?

Tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary! Yay us. #7 is wool +/or copper, or so the intarwebbe tells us. I won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes – at midnight we are going to go to our secret moonwatch spot + swig on some wine, although alcohol is frowned upon there. Don’t tell the coppers.

We had a sleepover at Deep Creek a few weekends ago, just getting around to posting the goods now. We’re lazy :o but we get around to stuff eventually. Click on the picture below to read all about it.
Deep Creek Cove