Moon Festival 2009

Watching the Fox Lantern go by

Yay the Moon! It was a little cloudy, so the moonrise was obscured from view, but we had a fantastic time this year. Remembering how cold it is down by the river after sunset, we wisely rugged up before heading out to meet our friends for a picnic on the hill while we watched the floats + fireworks. . . + they really outdid themselves this year with the lantern parade! Seems a lot of corporate sponsors jumped on the wagon, as well as even more schools (who were the main participants last year). There was some real craftsmanship on display this year, we’re already looking forward to next year! Mister O has been asking each day if it’s Moon Festival yet :p

As part of our Moon Festival activities, Aurelia + I went to see a performance of the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe of China doing “Journey to the West” (being the fictionalized account of a monk’s journey from China to India around ~600AD to retrieve Buddhist scriptures). It was awesome! They did a great job of visually telling the story of Monkey’s battles with Heaven + some of the demons the group face on their journey. As for the acrobatics, man! It is amazing what the human body can do. There were some wacky flips in the beginning that involved landing mid-air on a pole by quickly grasping legs around said pole – you can believe there were some cringes in the audience for that feat! Crazy trampoline-powered flips easily won the day, but it was all around spectacular; the costuming was absolutely gorgeous, + the story well told (they even had marionettes of the main characters goofing around during set changes). At one point Pigsy handed some bags of chips out to the audience, just plain silly business. These guys know how to put on an entertaining show!

Second Show

Orlando, Daddo, Mummeh + Nanna all took a sunny Thursday afternoon off to go to the annual Royal Adelaide Show. Mr. O went on the rides!

Nanna reports that the little guy was Gripping!! whenever the basket swivelled around 😀

We visited all the animal friends, getting a little too excited in the sheeps-zone, + one of the sheep headbutted his water trough to splash our happily shrieking child. We hunted for a cheap wristwatch ( lando is currently obsessed with time), but none appeared. Caramel popcorn was consumed, + we stuck around to watch motorcycles stunts + the fireworks display after dark.

When asked later, O admitted that tossing balls into the clown’s mouth was his favourite part.

Who’s up for a street party?

We’re back in Adelaide and all set to rock SALA 2009 ^_^ This year the Powers of Serendipity have included me in cool kids party with the Queen Street crew.

Queen Street will be closed to automobiles for the evening of the 6th of August to allow the good times and art appreciation to flow from shop to shop. Tasty beverages have been generously donated by Fox Creek Wines.
Other artists and venues in the vicinity include:
Gerry Wedd and Chris De Rosa @ Curious Orange
Susan Frost, Cassie Thring, Tamara Hahn and Bridgette Minuzzo @ One Small Room
Mandy Whitten @ Azalia Boutique
Lee welch @ Mushroom Boutique

Retro funky vintage store Hype & Seek in Croydon, Adelaide will be the location for my 2009 SALA Festival exhibition. Genevieve and Dexter – the treasure hunters of Hype & Seek – will be making homes for images from a toy boat on the Serpentine (plus a few new pieces) amongst the goodies and gumdrops in their store. The exhibition runs from the 7th to the 23rd of August, with a HUGE opening night on August 6th from 6pm to 8pm in collaboration with other Queen Street precinct shops and eateries.

SALA 2009 invitation
Hype & Seek is located at 3 Elizabeth Street, Croydon and is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 5, and Sunday 12 to 4.