Orlando’s had a passion for Owls ever since Christmas – anything and everything OWLS.

Orlando in his owl jumper

Master Orlando, age 4 years, sporting a rainbow-eyed owl jumper

When the lovely Miss Amy Patterson introduced me to Kate Davies’ impossibly cute owl jumper I knew just what Master O would be getting for his 4th Birthday. Here he is in tweeded baby alpaca. Yum!

While I was knitting it up Orlando told me the “hoo -hoolies” needed rainbow eyes… I’m not sure that it looks quite right, but he is well pleased & that’s what matters ♥

Azaro the pea green owlet meets a ladybird

It was just so easy and so fun I made one for the Boocious Babe too. I don’t plan on making a habit of dressing my children in the same clothes/ different colours – but when a pattern is so cute and fun to knit, well, I’ll just have to bend that rule.