Art Marathon: 35 knot winds

Phase 1 of the installation

The Marino project was off to an excellent start – I’ve enlisted the expert help of Adelaide aerosol artist (and sister extraordinaire) Delana Carbone whose advice has been superlative. On Wednesday night we marked out the spot and made one enormous stencil. It was a beautiful warm and still evening – we were done in no time at all & very pleased with the results.

Unfortunately there was a big change in the weather overnight & Thursday morning brought strong winds – much too strong for precision spray painting – so the project is now on hold 🙁

Our Plan B for poor weather was to continue at the next dodge tide (the 9th of November), but we are too excited to wait & hope that conditions will be kinder on Sunday the 28th of October, just after high tide. If anyone out there can put in a good word with the weather on our behalf it would be much appreciated! Cheers!

I ♥ Portland

Surprise! I’m in Portland Oregon for my dear friend Andrew & his super delightful bride Alison’s wedding. I didn’t know I was going to make it here until the very last minute, but it all came together in the end & I’m so happy it did! It is very strange to be in P-Town sans B, and stranger still to be away from our little ones – but *wonderful* to celebrate this happy occasion, and as always, Portland in the summer is The Most.
A&A kindly found me a room in the Ace Hotel. Every room has murals on the walls by a local artist, even the stairwell!

'Good Luck' saucers at Stumptown Coffee

Right next door is the superb coffee shop Stumptown who have this little message for me each morning

Today was the wedding reception – a massive picnic in the beautiful Washington Park. I met so many lovely, interesting people! Like Andrew’s cousin Ryan who took this photo

I have a few more days in town before I head off to China & the PIP Festival 🙂 Excitement!