6 knows how to stand on It’s head

Six today! Epic birthday party last Sunday, Master Orlando is still a passionate Lover Of Birds, and this includes not only all of our feathered friends ( most especially owls and penguins), but also the digital Angry Bird variety. This years request was for a Bird Party. -_- how does one Bird Party? With lots of help from the internet.
Daddo had the games under control ( described below) so I was Cake Maestro again this year. To facilitate the enjoyment of the maximum number of party guests and their dietary foibles, we decided upon a cake made from cupcakes, all dressed up to look like birds in a tree. That way we can accommodate the vegans, the gluten intolerant and this year a new request – no salicylate.

I borrowed heavily from Internet recipes – most of the cupcakes are extremely delicious Very Vanilla vegan cupcakes, some of which I completely un-vegan-ed by turning into rainbow cake. We did have a small oven mishap when the over-full muffin pans became small rainbow volcanos- pretty and funny.
Decorating the cupcakes was part virtuoso, and part Nerdy Nummies. The vegan quota were decorated with Oreos, nuts and dried fruit. You see the big red cupcake with yellow eyes? Middleish, leftish, top? That’s our special salicylate free bird, made from a corella pear with cheese eyes. It was a hoot 😉

The piece de resistance of the bird party was without a doubt the Bomb Bird Piñata, made by all three boys over the two weeks leading up to the party, with lots of help from El Piñata King.
It exploded in a glorious shower of lollies, Lego mini-figurines and home made confetti, which our 15 guests pounced upon “like lions in the Serengeti”.

A close second to the awesomeness of the piñata was the Live Action Angry Birds game, which also came compliments of the Internet, and was more excitement than anyone was prepared for.