It occurred to me in that moment just before sleep washes all conscious thought away, that all these bumping and groaning noises we are making in this weblog are all very entertaining for us, but perhaps not so much fun to read.

I can’t promise that this will be fun to read either, but at least it might be a little more informative.

This has been a year of hard lessons for me. I’m glad it’s nearly over. The last five years while I was busy being antipodean were so action-packed and exciting, this year really knocked the wind right out of me with it’s return to the real world bullshit. I ask you, when is it ever fun to watch your best friend struggle not only with culture shock, but also long-term unemployment?
I have finished my year at University and for the first time I really don’t know what to do with myself next. It’s quite bewildering. Brian has just got his Southern Hemisphere Legs, so suggesting another Great Upheaval seems a bit mean, if not premature.
I will admit cot a bit of unjustified wallowing in self pity. I only got the second highest type of pass for Honours (2A) and I also didn’t get selected for the Helpmann exhibition. I’m not sure why either of those things should make any difference, but I’d set them up in my mind to be a big deal, and so there you go. I do know what my next art project is going to be, so I guess I’m not that discouraged by the ‘no prize for ‘relia’ affair.

Living with my family is not the garden party I’d set myself up for. (What was I thinking??!!) Indeed, Boo-face (aka Brian) and I often get the feeling that they can’t wait for us to hurry up and go away. Now that I’m done with school there seems to be no reason at all to be here… except my Dad, whom I have discovered after 26 years is actually a smart funny bastard, and not just a plain old bastard. He’s eager for my sister and I to take over running his Kinetic Ventilation business so he can retire. It’s a wonderful opportunity – so why aren’t I thrilled to pieces?

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