tangerine, vanilla and sandalwood

all done being gloomy. I started my latest photograph a few days ago, and I feel a lot better.

The Chrsitmas spirit is running rampant in the house. Everyone seems to be getting along happily and I know we are all busting for Christmas morning. Sooty spends a good deal of time waiting by the christmas tree. We haven’t seen the huntsman since it’s debut as a Christmas Star. I am predicting a furry surprise for one of us on Christmas day. Why don’t we kill it? Well, who can blame it for liking our christmas tree? Plus, she eats all the bugs.
I’m swimming almost every morning again, and that works wonders on your constitution, let me tell you. Even after the shark attack. I’m nervous every morning when I go out, but you don’t have to be in deep or out far just to do a bit of breaststroke so the odds of me meeting a sea beastie are slim ot none, if that. Some mornings I’m in the water before the oldies, which makes me extra nervous. I don’t think I could explain why.

Ol’ Boo Face is working until 10pm tonight serving people their Christmas Meats. I hope he makes it home all in one piece. I never would have thought he could be so happy working in a supermarket. I guess it’s just nice to be working.

I’m having fun working with Dad, it’s really nice to get to spend so much time with him. I hope he’s going to start to show me how to use the machines in the workshop soon. It has been fun and challenging working on his website, but when he and Delana are welding etc. while I work in the office I sometimes feel like I’m not doing any ‘real work’. Of course, that’s not true. In the last fortnight we have had a lot of people place nice big orders after reading ‘all about it’ on our website. It really is looking spiffy, if I do say so myself.

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