Return to Witch Mountain

*wonders how Rob’s band is doing anyway*

Pasta peas pwn you!!11! Feel free to comment. I know you’re lurking, I can smell your chewing gum!

I have such a backlog of brainshit to resolve. I haven’t done my chores since last year! shame
In other news, it is time for the annual Darwin Awards, ta, mother, for reminding me. Death by Lava Lamp… for shame.

Jamie P has kindly sent along a couple of 1984 Journal arts that I gave him long ago… I will post them when I am less ???, promise. One is waaaay cool. Anybody else who has obscure treats, feel free to pass them along + I will update, update, update.

4 thoughts on “Return to Witch Mountain

  1. Yeah, one the few things I took away from TAG’s mother’s house. How did we survive there?? All I remember is ramen, spam, + that DEATHSHROOM “tea” they always had brewing. The fridge, itself, was an organic being, if I recall correctly… *_*

    *sleep-deprived head fills with bizarre memories such as trying to start a fire with white wine we could not stomach*

  2. The Mountain is doing well:) We haven’t done much in the last couple of years but we are giving it another crack…let’s see if we can keep it together! Take care guys…– tell Angus and Malcolm I said hi:)


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