^_^ – 6 Year Picnic

Yay for kitties + bears, married six years today. Hm.

*calculates international dateline mumbo*

Six years today in twelve hours. . .time is a funny proposition, especially on the other side of the world ~_^

I woke to thoughtful pressie delight – once more, Apollo 18 rocks my world. Then, with quicktoast, shower + shave, we took our happiness SilverBeanExpress (‘It’s BEEN with 2 EeS!’) to the majestic Waterfall Gully, stopping along the way for baguettes, tomatoes + smokey cheeses; pear + apples, pecan pie, too. Thermos of Java comes standard on the flight, of course. While all of the hiking trails appeared to be closed (overhearing “FELL TO HIM DOOM” meanwhile) we just camped out behind a nice ex-tree while the sun blazed + the water fell + the people murmered + stomped dust from the trail.

A picture perfect of marital bliss ( @_@ ) – I paint octopus + hang the laudry while ‘relia re-paves the footpath in the backyard + repoints the brickwork that is fast succumbing to the relentless salty bay wind. Now we sip wine + wait to enjoy the sauce, thinking of all our far flung buddies + chemblies. WHAT UP, YO? Much love from the two of us.

2 thoughts on “^_^ – 6 Year Picnic

  1. Heck yeah, didn’t I tell you the 24-Hour Church of Elvis story when you came to visit Sprout Tower?? Musta blacked out. . .

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