endings and beginnings

It’s hard to follow after Brian’s account of our trip to Innes. I mean, we certainly haven’t done anything that exciting since and I’m not the wordsmith he is. Life does move on and that includes the boring bits…

…we are ticking right along at the moment. Brian has been contacted by the Immigration Department and we are in the midst of getting together what should be our last pile of paperwork and ‘proof’ that we really do love eachother. Apparenty nothing says I Love You like bills in both our names.

I started a brand new journal yesterday, it was a really exciting micro-event. Usually I’m nostalgic whenever I have to move on – oh how I will miss seeing that sticker every day… etc – but this time it was really fun. I have finally got the image I’ve been building in the shed for the last hm… 4 months! onto film and in the computer. It’s very exciting! My work just keeps getting better and better, even if I do say so myself. I’m tempted to share an in-progress pic, but I’ll resist the urge and make you all wait for the real thing. Anyway, I had some little mock-ups to stick into my journal which made the event very exciting. I do feel like I’m just at the tip of a new Big Beginning. From this perspective it looks exciting!

Part of that new beginning is the school semester winding down. My workload is easing while all the students begin to panic. It’s unusual being on this side of the academic fence. I should probably be afeared as the end of the semester is also the end of my nice paychecks, but I’m uncharacteristically unfussed. Something will turn up, something always does.

There is also the excitement of the new exhibition I have coming up in August. Yep, my second exhibition for the year, and this one will be even better than the last one. I’ve organised a show in the Rhino Room, a comedy/ hip-hop club and gallery which will open during the annual SALA Festival. The club/gallery owners are in the process of redecorating and the place is looking great. I also bit the financial bullet and spent some real money on getting my pictures framed. It’s amazing the difference it makes. This next show should be lots and lots of new work, so I’m going to have to get a lot snappier about making art as I just don’t have another 4 months to spare. I have so many ideas!

My Fruits Basket fever has abated a little, but hasn’t worn off entirely; and in a surprising turn of events I’m finding little bits of manga are making their way into my art practice. Whoda thunk?!

6 thoughts on “endings and beginnings

  1. Sometimes it’s funny how the little things that you would guess are entirely unrelated to your creative practise never really are.
    Downtime is nice, being away from college kids is probably even nicer.
    It’s silly, but also to be expected how much the little things can make big differences when it comes to spending money. Have the extra moulla to have pictures framed makes them look better. I have recently rediscovered how much of a difference the expensive brush makes over the cheap foam thingie. I always know it, but sometimes I forget it. Luckily with frames you will either sell them, which will be good, or you can reuse them??? Which would also be good.

    Alright, good luck with joint checking and the neverending quest for additional paperwork.

  2. You Mock ME!

    That was pretty funny. Strangely enough I almost convinced myself that AutoBlogger would be good software to own… I could auto generate an entry and then just change litttle bits if I wanted – viola, instant creativity, just add sauce. Too bad you can only download it in the USA. I wonder how Neil Gaiman got his copy?

    Handed in all the paperwork yesterday BTW. Boo’s Federal Police Clearance arrived just in the nick of time 🙂

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