urban love story
This is the invitation for my next exhibition/opening. Boo helped out a lot! I was a bit stuck there for a while. You see, the show is actually named after a picture I haven’t finished just yet; it’s currently in pieces in ‘my studio’ (note: fancypants reference to the shed). I think what we have come up with is excellent, but I know how the story ends. We will have to wait and see if the invitation interests people enough to find out why the birdie is thinking about a robot alarm clock, and what that has to do with a love story. Or art, for that matter 😉

If you are in Adelaide the show opens at 6:30pm on August 4th @ The Rhino Room (enter through the Urban Cow Studio – 11 Frome Street, Adelaide) We’d love if you wanted to come along to take a peek and help us drink the yummy wines donated by Wirra Wirra and Heartland – two excellent local wineries.

It’s exciting!

6 thoughts on “invitation

  1. Dan!? You’re in Adelaide? My goodness, isn’t the intrawebbe a lovely thing!
    It would be wonderful to see you. I’ll probably be a total space-case at the opening (what’s new, eh?) but I’ll save a huge beaming smile for you.

    Andrew- I wish you could make it to the show too. I’d feel a lot more confident if you were there. :bunny:

  2. and the gloomy gus rolls in.
    you can’t do this show yet. your work just isn’t ready. you must wait till mid december for it to truly reach its full bloom and allow the little birdies thoughts of his robo army consuming the world time to manifest! but if this pre-liminary attack is what you and the birdie want. then go you must. but just so you know, I’m annoyed I don’t get to smchooze with all the happenings and funziz’iz that will deffinetly be your party.

  3. Congrats on your show ‘Relia!

    I am proud for you 🙂

    Wish I could see it, too. And be there and drink wine and look at your pieces and talk (fake) snooty with Andrew about your art and what it represents to us, the world and the universe. Ha! That’d be great.


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