Thank You Kenny Chino!?

When I was 19 and the internet was young and innocent(ish) I surfed my way onto the homepage of a fellow I found really funny. He had a contact form on one of his pages, so I used it to tell him that I enjoyed reading about “The King O’ Frod”, as I believe his pages were titled. I don’t usually sign the guestbooks and message boards of pepole I bump into on the ‘net, but that day my fingers must have been guided by some pagan god of Indie Rock. This divinity sensed the musical void in my life and found a way to fill it, and secure itself another devotee.

The King O’ Frod turned out to be one Kenneth Chino, or Kenny “Shigeru” Chino as he signed his emails, and later the backs of envelopes. Kenny, o so kindly, made me a mix tape. Two, actually. One I recieved while living in Islington, London; and the other after I moved to Oregon to be with Brian. Both tapes bit the dust years ago from being played so, so much, but they lasted long enough for me to fall in love with Talulah Gosh, The Magnetic Fields, Pavement, (several others) and my all time most favourite musician in the entire universe Mirah. *resists urge to tell “the unexpected meeting of Mirah” story*

Last night I was knitting in bed, listening to the iPod pump out tunes on random. The darling thing is psychic I swear as it often knows eactly what I’m in the mood to hear. Last night it sifted out a track from each of the bands/musicians Kenny turned me on to in succession. “Where are you Ken Chino?” I thought to myself, as I have every few months since 1999 when we lost contact. Suddenly the little lightbulb went off above my head. 💡 I can use the ‘net to say “Hello! You Saved My Life!” Why not? That’s how we met in the first place, afterall. So, Thank You SO Much Kenny, those mix-tapes shaped my early twenty-somethings in wonderful and unexpected ways. I wish you much happiness and a life filled with great music. I owe you.


In other completely unrelated news, it looks like we won’t be cutting down that termite-munched poplar in the front yard after all. Two white-cheeked rosellas have decided to make babies in it.

white cheeked rosellas

They shouldn’t live this far south – but there they are, and I’m really rather pleased about it. 😀

6 thoughts on “Thank You Kenny Chino!?

  1. Aww…I miss you so much ‘relia. I’ve been checking your posts since we talked on the phone and looking for a good place to jump in. I know I’m nuts, but you reminded me of our adventure up to Olympia to see Mirah and I’m a little teary. I miss seeing your beautiful smiling face!

  2. ‘relia,
    Thanks to you, too, for being a dear friend and for being such an awesome “amateur” photographer! We have your photos all over our house and it’s so great. It makes me think about you and smile!

  3. the internet is such a big place, but my buddy just turned google into a lost and found for friends. so much life to relate, so many tracks to snailmail!

  4. hey ken ,it is terry your moms old roommate when you were a kid. the artist in laguna beach. haven’t seen you in a decade or more. how is dianne? say hi for me. drop by if you come thru laguna. drop a line, later,terry

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