Looks like my clunky resumé of Doom is finally working; Haigh’s of South Australia have decided to give me a go! Soon I will no longer be shaving silverside + cutting bung fritz for the pensioners – instead I will be a confectioner trainee @_@ w00t etc. Good timing as my coolboss at the deli is getting a promotion + transferring to another store, + with the Christmas prawn rush coming, it could get pretty ugly. I will post how I’m going with the nougat, truffles + chocolate froggies.

Aurelia has been crafting up a storm in the studio, + today Delana is taking some of reya’s knitty bits to a friend who has a shop in town to see if there might be a market for fuzzy cuffs + collars + cozythings.

Going to Flinder’s Ranges this weekend for a bit of camp-a-licious, quite exciting. Weather be kind!

6 thoughts on “-Wonka-doodle-

  1. Congratulations on becoming the chocolate man!Good thing you managed to avoid that prawn rush, sounds like a scary place to be.

    I hope you are having a great time up in the Flinders, the weather has been perfect.

  2. . . . working with food + not with customers definitely has its perks. Today was my laaaaast day in the Delihell, which is good, since it is a sinking ship + a four-alarm fire all at once. Do NOT cross the hat line! 😡

    oh yeh. Camping post forthcoming. Pix must develop for great inspirations 😳

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