Perfect weather for gardening
so we’re out in the dirt.

Savage Stick

Must be tea time.

The birds were protesting earlier as I pruned the poplar.
“WHAT!” they said as the uppermost branches fell away.


Yikes, though, really. Has to go.

Aurelia has some kind of secret project in the works. . .

secret project?

*wanders towards sunshine*

1 thought on “>>>haircut

  1. Have finally caught up with all your posts. Aren’t you all just living as complete and proper Bohemians! You are quite famous here in this little Alaskan village, your artistry and adventures rich fodder for warm discussions on cold nights.

    I’m so glad for the reprieve of the tree. We have no trees here you know… Its’ new residents are quite brilliant. I hope they have many babies. Then you will have to continue to spare the tree so they can come ‘home’.

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