Old Friends Gold

Even in highschool I knew that my friends were very special people – and not only because they put up with and encouraged my nonsense. It’s been over 10 years since we escaped those blue and gold uniforms, but happily it seems that all the important bits are still the same for all of us. Certainly some jokes never grow old.

Yep, I got to catch up with Karen, Christine, Benita and Karina again recently. I think we get to see eachother about once every two years as we’ve all been overseas for exended periods at different times. This time Karen is home to prepare for her marriage to the mysterious ninja-dwarf Richard, whom I have yet to meet; Christine brought her lovely James home for some “nonna time”; and Karina is just about to move back to Sydney. Looks like I’ll get to see lots of Benita though as we’re not going anywhere just yet 😉 The best thing for me about these little get-togethers is how it feels like no time has passed at all since we saw eachother last. I feel so lucky to have so many Solid Gold friends, including the ones that weren’t in Adelaide for our last shindig. I’ll have to remember just how lucky I am next time I feel like being lonely.

Here’s me sending big hugs to you (you know who you are).

2 thoughts on “Old Friends Gold

  1. I’m am so sending this to Richard, he will be stoked to hear he is a ninja dwarf! HAHA!

    i love it… if you’re checking this before I speak to you, drinks on Friday at the Grace Emily on Friday if you’re up for it, and bring your posse!!!

    Hugs to you too lady, you’re pure gold all over and inside too.

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