Sooty Patrol!

You can’t see it here, but the New Zealand Christmas Tree has its first bloom open. . . soon it will be very red + driving the birds psycho @_@
+ there is Mr. Soot outside the gate, barking at me :/
To be fair, he was a bit stirred up by the purple lightning out in the bay. . .

‘relia has secret mission happening again :ninja: shh.

5 thoughts on “Sooty Patrol!

  1. …and a not so secret mission to get a friggin job! Why does no one love me? I’m nice! I’m also broke. 😡

    Seriously, being creative is much more comfortable when you can go get a cup of coffee when you want one. Tis a nice turning of the tables, ne? I loathe being broke.

  2. Whatsis? You think you need to hire a bodyguard? It’s not so! Soot *loves* boys, not to eat – just to taste!
    I think there’s more danger of him sleeping on your bed than eating you Jamie-san.

  3. Certainly looks like you are keeping your grooming skills honed. The Sootster is looking most handsome.

    Seems that with such an important visitor on the way, you are quite lucky to be unemployed. My best to Master James.

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