We were all very excited about the prospect of four days at Innes National Park, staying in a restored historic cabin in the Innes Township. The ultimate evidence of our excitement was D and my inability to “hold our jizz” in the days leading up to Christmas – blurting out gibberish such as “when we go camping…” and “while we’re at Innes…” on an almost daily basis. Dear kind-hearted James pretended to be deaf on each occasion. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

In the not-so early morning of Proclamation Day (aka Boxing Day) we loaded up the Been with food, water, sunscreen and bug juice and arranged ourselves inside our compact space-rocket, hoping for an experience to rival our last camping adventure to Innes, minus the fisherravers please and thank you. Sharing out the responsibility for a good time equally รขโ‚ฌโ€œ an even four way split รขโ‚ฌโ€œ we grabbed some coffee from edge delicatessen and blasted out of town.

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  1. bush
    Despite the warnings from the Ranger at Innes to get on the road early, we were on the road late + so hit the bottleneck just before Pt. Wakefield. Spent an hour getting 10 minutes down the road. After a cultural lunch of hot chips + pasties from the bakery in Androssan, it was a quick flight (as the Reya drives!) to Innes.

    We had rented the Miners Lodge (or Cottage, depending which sign you read) + were not dissapointed. The historical township is hike-in only if you don’t have a key, so as well as privacy, our tempory home came complete with lean-to kitchen, hot running shower, + three bedrooms. Plenty of elbow room.

    James spent a lot of time in his book.
    Very cozy, no? It was, once we’d swept all the bug corpses out ^_^ Then there was a brief panic when it was discovered that Aurelia had somehow managed to unpack the coffee plunger. Eventually naps were had, + there was a bit of natureshowhosting, which included weird spiders + giant biting flies, as well as reading of bones.

    Delana examines her Collection

    Delana took James + Aurelia back to inspect the spiders, where they ushered many unsuspecting flies to their doom so they might watch the horrific webby feastings. This was James’ first GIANT FLY experience +, as he had refused to wear the Aeroguard, he was quite popular. On the way back to the cabin they disturbed a local resident – a toughie young male Emu scrounging for his evening tea.

    Ethel Beach was close by + it sounded like the perfect place to watch the sunset. No lighthouse, but there was a 100+ year old shipwreck. Goonies! We followed the edge of the cliff until it curved around enough to give a good look at what little remained of the Ethel.

    They dragged the anchor up, but the rest remained below. . .

    Maybe we can all go see a thingy!

    Back at the cabin, I read up on local history while Delana re-heats one of the delicious meals ‘reya pre-prepared for us. Tonight: Sketti mit Neatballs! Chico babies for dessert. Everyone has a quiet + early night, a bit of stargazing + some light reading, then lights out. Delana stays up most the night with a sore belly. . .

    We had planned to spend the next day swimming, sunbathing and hiking. After we scored some very bad coffee from the local, we took a stroll down to the old dock. The Yorke Peninsula, particularly the Innes-most tip, is well known for freaky + unpredictable weather – just ask the Ethel. At the end of the jetty the wind was cutting sick, + the day had gone from mostly-sunny to discouragingly-cloudy. Despite the threatening sky we made our way to Shell Beach, but just didn’t have the heart to get in the water, although there were a few brave folks leaping around. Eventually stinging rain encouraged us to cease collecting shells + head back to the cabin for hot cocoa.

    We drop off ‘lana while we make a Been run to Marion Bay for cocoa + snacks. Scout out possible dine-out goodness while we pick our chips + candy bar. Pre-prep’d lentil soup is offered up unto our tummies, then more naps to wake with evening’s freshness. Aurelia + Delana wander to Chinaman’s Hat Beach, collecting more briny bones. Reya speaks of a secret hike from Historic Inneston to Spencer Lighthouse, but it is secretly not on any map :/ We decide to roll up to the lighthouse on the marked road, with an eye to share a cup tea + possible some minute noodles as well. Delana fixes us a thermos of tea but then decided as we reach the gate to walk back to the lodge + medicate her stomachache. The wind is picking up as the sun sets. . .

    The view is fantastic, but we quickly discover the ocean wind is fierce!

    Tea + noodle time looks doubtful, but then we discover a ledge on the lee of the peninsula, so we set up shop + get cozy.

    “Kind of makes me wish I had parachute pants!”

    Maginoodles taste best with danger.

    The Eye of Sauron bids us goodnight + we make our way back to the cottage. I read up a bit more on the local wrecks + wish there had been enough room to bring the guitar. ‘relia knits, James + Delana deep in paperbacks. Aurelia + I go for a night stoll + see a few shooting stars as well as startling a bunyip lurking in the darkness.

    Wake up after the birds again. Hot shower in the AM is joyous. Chi’s belly still grumbleriffic, we make plans to hit the beaches anyhow. Suncream on + partially sunny above, the girls + myself take a short hike up Royston Head while James suns himself on Dolphin Beach.

    The sun starts throwing his weight around + we are in the water, icy blue + invigorating. There is a cave nearby, which we explore a bit.

    We make a dash to nab a campsite at Shell Beach to cook up some lunch, but it’s booked up, so we make do in the carpark below the beach. Rice Pilaf with Okra goes down nice as it sprinkles a bit, then goes all muggy. We lounge a bit, cup tea etcetera, then trek down onto the beach + get our swim on properly.

    Much wave jumping as well as a bit of mermaid sighting. Exhausted, we shower + nap some. Suppertime arrives + we decide to check out the place in Marion Bay, leaving Delana at home to maginoodle her woesome tum. The restaurant in MB is pretty good. We enjoy some savage wood-fired oven pizza + furrough our brows at the abstract art decor, as well as the seashell curtain. For our sunset this evening we choose The Gap, an eroded cliff where you can see all the places where sealevel has hovered since the last ice age. I spot a trio of dolphins making their way out to deeper water as the sun sinks out of view. On the way back to Miner’s Lodge we spot a family of small grey roos out for their evening meal. Cocoa + another night of cool rest.

    Our last morning, + some of us are awake in time to see the birds going crazy for another beautiful day. Check out is at 10, we just make it. One last stop at Marion Bay for the petrol, breakfast sweets + coffee madness (you could hear everyone’s brains desperately screaming LATTE! LATTE!! @_@), as well as a quick raid of the wicked local surf shop. . . then we are bidding Innes another fond farewell + making our way back to Adelaide, fighting over the music the entire way ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Stuck here in the colds of the states, looking at the rough rugged beauty of the rocky, sandy coastline, I find myself lost in the splendor of your gaze!;)

    I would do that trip once a year…at least! I guess you shoulda been there the week before, when the waves were off the chain! ~Endless Summer Ref!~

  3. I believe that is a pretty nice sum up of the journy…although the big ass black bird isn’t mentioned…I’d pay a buffalo nickel to know what the shit that was!

    that and maybe some star gazing and teaching me which one was orion’s belt.

    I wish I didn’t leave…oh man do I wish I didn’t leave.

  4. Aww, you maked the baby Reya cry! You know what they say around here – shit in one hand, wish in the other + see which fills up first. . . we wish you could have had stayed too ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    As for the Damn Hell Ass King Crow, all I know is it was out there somewheres —->

  5. Hey Brian, it’s Brian, I sent you an invite to this social networking thing that I’m doing at my work. We’ve been building this blogging/messageboard tool for a few months and I wanted to send you an invite in hopes that you would join up and maybe play around with it a little bit.

    It still has a long way to go, and we’re still adding a lot of features and stuff, but maybe you wanna give me some of your opinions, if you have time?

    I hope all is well underneath the rest of the planet.


  6. Way to derail the thread B1! ๐Ÿ˜•
    r_e, you silly man! You coulda seen a picture of Brian ages ago – that’s what the ? who are we ? link is for. 8)
    Maginoodles (aka ramen) does taste better with danger. They were the most dangernoodle to date. Setting up the simmerlite on the side of a cliff is pretty silly, ‘specially when you’re an un-co like me. I nearly knocked the whole kaboodle flying to it’s doom. Luckily, no noodles were unwillingly sacrificed to bring you this tale.

  7. How do I say this? I’m so proud of the people you have become. I so appreciate the quality of your writing and the opportunity to enjoy a little trip out of the arctic, albeit vicarious. If it is all so good, how come I can’t stop crying? I guess because I suddenly realize how very much I miss you…

  8. WOW–touching,having a “wish I was there thing”,
    you “AUSSIE” critters are fascinating——
    would like to meet more

  9. I thought your web page interesting. Trying tounderstand the Aussie idioms is quite good. Reminded me of the way Newfoundlanders spoke. Bronxites have the same type of being understood.
    Need some blastey boughs to boil the kettel.
    Harry Weigand, Carol’s husband.

  10. Glad this is so well recieved! Just to answer a few questions –

    Chico babies are little brown chocolate-flavoured gummy babies. Quite choice, really.

    Bunyip are legendary Dreaming beasties – live in swamps or watering holes (aka Billabongs), like to come out at night to eat the ladies + naughty kids. You know how it is. The picture below links to a nice page with info about the bunyips + stamps.

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