Welcome 2006

I’m going to skip ahead, postponing the blog entry about our escape to the Yorke Peninsula, to wish the entire universe a shiny, sparkling, effervescent and yet warm and snuggly 2006. 2005 was a year of struggles and new opportunities for Brian + I, we welcomed the new year with a swag of new ambitions and some great friends.

Before January carries us back into the workaday world there’s a few late events to report:

  • The Thing of Gormenghast Forest was commended by the jurors of the 2005 [9th] Japan Media Arts Festival and will be included in the exhibition of award winning works in Tokyo. :nekopan: :bunny: :nekopan: :bunny: :nekopan:
  • I have a new job! The crew at OpenEra have brought me on board to write their support documentation and also to provide training to their customers in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. I’m thrilled to be working for such a progressive company, and excited by the new challenges ahead – not the least of which will be balancing working, teaching, and being an artist.

That’s all for now! More tocomelaters…

How do you fit four people in a wombat?

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2006

  1. Happy New Ear you guys!
    Aurelia, congratulations on the new job and exhibition, that’s all bloody fantastic!

    woo, 2006..

    x o

  2. Most impressive! Why then don’t you all look a little more happy? Oh yeah, I forgot. You are having sweltering summer down there. The heat must be getting to you. Before the sun set up here a month ago, we wore sunglasses too…

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