7 Year Which?

Tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary! Yay us. #7 is wool +/or copper, or so the intarwebbe tells us. I won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes – at midnight we are going to go to our secret moonwatch spot + swig on some wine, although alcohol is frowned upon there. Don’t tell the coppers.

We had a sleepover at Deep Creek a few weekends ago, just getting around to posting the goods now. We’re lazy :o but we get around to stuff eventually. Click on the picture below to read all about it.
Deep Creek Cove

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  1. This time we headed south! A quick hour down to the Fleurieu Peninsula puts us in the lush green of Deep Creek Conservation Park, + green it is. It was a long weekend, so we expected to fight for our campsite, but no, we made out like bandits. . . who score good campsites. . . or something 😳

    James, you will be pleased to note that this time we remember the French press. . . we just neglected to pack cups. That is why it is called an adventure. While we set up camp, several ‘roos hop through to welcome us, hoping for a bit of easy tea while cautiously dodging the camera. A nearly full moon makes for good light while we sip on wine + plan which hike to make on the morrow – we pick the 10k circle from Tapanappa Lookout

    out to Deep Creek Waterfall, where we cooled our feets a bit with the nectar-happy bees + one Wanderer Butterfly who kept gliding out over the pool again + again,

    then up past a second, rv-friendly campsite + back into the valley (towering vegetation all the way, wonderful for keeping the blazing sun off our backs :duck: )

    to Deep Creek cove (that’s us there in the tiny panoramic picture) where we had lunch. Unfortunately, the way we were heading meant that we had an excellent nearly-vertical rock climb back out of the Cove, rather difficult on full lunchbellies. On the way we passed a fellow who was hiking on his own, in flip-flops. Reaching the top of our climb, we watched from a shady spot with a cool breeze as he went out on the rocks to test the breakers – I wanted to see whether there would be need to tell the rangers to keep an eye out for his body to wash up somewhere along the coast. While we waited, Aurelia spotted a young seal playing just around the bend from where he had settled comfortable in a rock pool to watch the surf.

    The last stretch took us back to Tapanappa in time to take a nappa + then watch sunset.

    We whipped out the picnic blanket + campstove for a bit of soup + coffee. As we enjoy the mellow, Ranger Rick rocks up to let us know that there has been a total fire ban declared for midnight to midnight tomorrow, + that we are extremely lucky to have the entire Tapanappa lookout to ourselves (which was loverly ). Totally killed our breakfast plan, which was to stuff ourselves with fakin’ bacon + hot coffee, + then blast home. So we scrap that plan, + after enjoying the view a bit longer, we roll back to camp, tear it down by headlight, noting that tonight the site is chock-a-block full, with (of course) the heavy metal kids at the spot next to ours. We head home with the strong desire to come back, + soon. With the Creek so close by, it makes a perfect overnight spot. . . + there is a campsite that is hike-in only that sounds choice. . .


    “And Saint Lizardo had driven out all of the birds. . .”

  2. Is this a post about our anniversary, or about camping? 😕 Hm, never mind – both were fun, so perhaps it amounts to the same thing.

    We have just returned from Anniversary Afternoon Devonshire Tea and Scones (heathens read: buttermilk biscuits) at historic Kingston House, which is down the street. Mum joined us for an afternoon in the exact opposite atmosphere of the original event @ the (now defunct) 24 Hour Church of Elvis. Today there was not one single Elvis or hippie in attendance, although there were many people that may have been one or both in bygone times. One of these days I’ll have to write a proper entry for Kingston House in the “fun things to do…” category. Right now I think a nap might be in order.

  3. Breathtaking photography. Makes me want to sit and look for hours. Because it’s coming on winter, does that mean you won’t be camping anymore?

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