slow, slow… plink, plink

A conundrum: time is passing so quickly and yet nothing really seems to be happening. A lot of milestones (for me) passed by so quickly I barely noticed. Summer is gone, the Uni semester is in full swing, my contract with OpenEra ended and here I am blinking like a mole in the sunlight. Where does the time go? This semester I am teaching a B&W Photography class, which I’m finding absolutely exhilirating, as well as the Digital Art classes. The first-year students are delightful, the photography students are sponges and I find the digital group very challenging – it seems like each year the students are that much more sophisticated. I learn so much when I’m teaching – I expect that’s why I love it 🙂

My “to-do” list is approaching epic proportions – and at the very top are Karen and Richard’s engagement photographs. Following that should be more work on Debroah Paauwe‘s website which I’ve only barely begun ( a side note – CSS and PHP are fun! even when you’re not entirely sure if it will work in every browser known to mankind) and the nagging at the back of my head to finish another photograph is steadily growing in volume and in voices. At this present moment in time I have three partially completed pieces and am Time Poor. What about the Easter weekend you say? I spent most of that trying to get Mum’s house ready for winter, and learned a new skill in the process – I now know how to tuckpoint masonry. Although I may not know how to spell it. I also finally figured out the elusive technique to neatly applying silicone. There’s still much to do, but at least there are no more “floating bricks” on the front of her house and so my conscience rests a little easier.

rainbows for breakfastBrian and I wave to eachother as we pass in the kitchen. No. That’s a fib. I’d be a mess without my best friend. It’s probably more accurate to say I’d be hungry without him as he does most of the cooking 😛 Despite us both being busy we make time for eachother although on nights like tonight I do wish I got to see more of him. Our apartment is a cosy sanctuary for us both. I love having some space to unravel the days knots and tangles without any interruptions.

Two weeks ago I was up at sunrise. This was my reward:

2 thoughts on “slow, slow… plink, plink

  1. That is a great reward! What a wonderful photo. This is my first time back to your site since we moved. It all loads so quickly with DSL!
    I remember the last morning I was up early in Atqasuk. Walking home from 4 A.M. exercise, the sun was just peeking over the horizon. It spread out to the sides in an eerie mix of colors, ending with huge, perfect sun dogs on either side. In front of all this were the hundreds of caribou that had camped out around the village for a month. I could kick myself for not getting my camera. I will never have that photo op again.

  2. Brian has forbidden me form ever uttering the words “I wish I had my camera” in his presence. I guess it used to come up a lot. There’s no riules against saying “I wish you had your camera with you.”

    Our spectacular Olympus C5050 – faithful in all conditions and various continents for the last 3 years – has finally had to go to the digital camera doctor. No happy snaps for us for at least the next two weeks.

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