picnic at Blackheath

picnic at Blackheath

If you have high speed internet you can click on the image to open a larger version. Comments and criticisms are encouraged 😀 They are always helpful.

8 thoughts on “picnic at Blackheath

  1. oh Aurelia,
    so many things flew through my brain when I first saw this! I’ll put them in an un-numbered list, for list-ual equality:

    *Blackheath! Blackheath near me here! You were near me here! But back then, when I was There.
    *Where’s the caravan with VINDALOO written on it?
    *aw, happy little plague-ridden skellingtons! Hang on, I guess they were in a bit of pain.. :~
    *girl needs to keep an eye on her bag, innit
    *what’s she holding there?
    *this looks like a nice memory..
    * hehe, grassy common would be strewn with sunburned pink Pommie flesh, a sunny day like that.. good luck having a peaceful ponder!
    * Hello! :~)
    * I bloody love this..

    plus some other less comprehensible brain-output..

    Most importantly, Woo, and not to mention, HOO.


    your friend,

  2. I alwasy wondered what happened to people who took naps at breaktime on the lawn. so the lawn just eats them up?

    “we all float down here”

    I am however curious why that girl didn’t choose a nice tree to be under. that and I wonder how much she got tricked into paying for those shoes and purse.

  3. people like me need explanations—-
    it seems sort of stark
    are those beer bottles???

    *mod edit*

    oops look again they are shoes.
    it’s the old thing
    I envy folks who can flake out on the grass like that—the red ants around here make it not the thing to do.
    You know —you are quite clever–Aurelia
    My gosh your clock says 4:00am
    WAKE UP WAKE UP —it’s daylight over here in the swamps.

  4. Chris – I’m so happy that you can identify with this little creation 😀 :duck:The Vindaloo man must have taken the day off… perhaps he had to nip over to Lewisham to see his cousin? According to Wikipedia and the Blackheath council website there aren’t really plague victims buried at Blackheath; but the urban myth prevails and is rich fodder for creepy little minds like ours. Our lady of the pink braids is holding a daisy.

    Jamie – Brian says I have to read It as I didn’t know where “we all float down here” came from. Your interpretation is much more creepy than my brain would have come up with. 😎 I wouldn’t worry about Pinky’s spending habits – she got the shoes on sale, at any rate.

    Carol – do I call you grandma or Carol? I hope you have some method of napping in the sun that doesn’t invole ants? We are about to head off to go camping in search of some sun to nap in ourselves. It’s cold in these parts and we both need some Vitamin D.

  5. Hello again, thanks Brian for the link! 🙂
    Another goodie, here. I feel bad for the skeletons, missing out on such a nice day up top. I guess they’re used to it. Actually, come to think of it, maybe they don’t even know what sunny and happy environment exists just above them?

  6. Grandma will do fine.
    Yes I nap in the sun on a lounger at the pool. Of course that is so contrived as to just deciding the grass is inviting and flaking out.
    Ok, going to look at the Blackheath website.

    Ask Brian if your lady with skeltons under reminds him of the nursery rhyme book I got him with all the roots of vegetables etc. showing underground.
    As i recall he did a great long scroll after gazing at that pix.

  7. Wow. What goes on in that brain of yours? And to think that when I lay down in the grass, I’m always worried about dog shit… well, I won’t have that problem again.

    On another subject, cold, I know it is winter there, but cold is what we have here. The ice pack blew back in again the other day, (it had been floating about a quarter mile offshore) and the ocean breeze has turned Barrow into a giant freezer.

    Seriously, I think that this is my new favorite.

  8. Dawn – You’re telling me that “Summer” in your part of the world includes having a large mass of ice floating around? Lady, you got gypped!

    Grandma – Brian does remember drawing the big scroll, although he says he does not remember the book.

    Daron – I don’t think you need to worry about the skeletons missing out, they seem happy enough to me. If you look you can see that the smallest one is doing some kind of “tickle dance”.

    I’m happy everyone likes this so much. I wish they didin’t take so long for me to make… once there are more of them you probably won’t ask “what goes on in that brain of yours?”, you’ll just back away, slowly. ^_^

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