This happened about two weeks ago, I’ve just been waiting on the pictures (Cheers Rosa!) to post – of course, industrial accidents happen all the time, but rarely are they so very delicious. . . two tons of milk chocolate all over the road.

What happened was; our delivery truck brings over fresh stuff from the Chocolate Cave in 2-ton eskis for the factory to process into all manner of treats (plug for Haigh’s here). The Visitor’s Centre Factory is on a residential street off of a busy main road out of the city, so it can be a little tricky to unload into our dock. Lucky day, it’s the New Guy’s first trip with chocolate, + as he is unloading the eski, a car decides it can risk whizzing around him, neccessitating a sudden stop to avoid the fork lift from backing into the impatient vehicle. Up momentum!

Yes, we had to stop some kids from eating off the street. . . all in a day’s work etc 8)

5 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE SPILL

  1. Oh dear, is all that lovely chocolate roont? Here in Alaska, we eat our road kill… and the killers are not allowed to indulge! All road kill pick ups are rotated between eligible charities for the sole benefit of the homeless and hungry.

  2. No no no, that’s Chopsey’s bird, he’s also in the third picture glaring at the office-gawker (they came in waves with their cellular cameraphones).

    I’m the only guy with the hat, not terribly visible ‘cos I was pushing chocolate up the ramp with my trusty squeegee.

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