natural mistake

natural mistake

…speaking of Alaska, this latest image was created around an experience Brian and I shared while we were staying with Dawn and Paul in Fairbanks before we left for Australia. Our Christmas present from B’s excellent parents was a whitewater rafting adventure in Denali National Park. That part of the story will have to wait, for this little incident occurred on the drive home when I just couldn’t wait another 45 minutes to pee. Paul obligingly pulled his luxurious 4×4 to the side of the road and B and I scrambled down a steep embankment to find a suitable spot. So desperate was I in search of relief that it wasn’t until I went to pull my thermals up that I realised…

how embarrasing! peeing in faerieland 😳

most of the detail is lost at this resolution, there are all manner of folk hidden in the ‘foliage’.

8 thoughts on “natural mistake

  1. No silly, they can fly and get out of the way very quickly. It is simply discombobulating when you hear their tittering laughter and realize that an audience of strangers has seen your privates. Course, if you are intentionally out there trying to pee on fairies, well yes, that would be rude (and I would hope, very unJonezer like).

  2. Loverly, just loverly.

    I am sure the fay folk are delighted to be graced with your presence ( & your little natural gift) – Now throwing trash into their realm will result in an entirely different outcome.

    As always, a wonderfully image (and yes…. How come their is no link to a more detailed image???)

    Fay hugs and kisses to you and family



  3. My dearest non-nerd and little-bit-nerdy,

    There isn’t a higher resolution image for you to peruse because I wasn’t sure just how big would be appropriate – at print size (61 x 61 cm) you need to get right up-ons to see many of the critters, like the tree-man and the wombat near Our Hero’s feet. I thought putting up a file that big would:
    a) make you give up when you saw how long it would take to download
    b) murder my badwidth limit.

    A compromise: I’ll put it up in a secret spot, and email you both the link, ok?

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