All moved in to “The Tardis” on Yacca. A sweet spot, but not without a fair helping of disaster! as January would say. Mustafa Sootybeast is only just getting over being allergic to our new home… bit scary there for a while, the poor ol’ man got really sick. Old apartment drama too – have had to make an application to yon Rental Constables to help get the greedy poo landlords heads out of their bums. Fingers crossed.

A little black shih tzu puppy followed Soot and I home from a walk and stayed with us for the afternoon. Delana named her Sushi. It was a nice experience – she luved me! but was happy to see her peeps when they came to take her home.

Our new place has a big apple tree which is raining blossoms as I type, and a little orange tree but not too much else in the backyard. Boo and I planted veggies etc. (yum strawberries!) The jalapeno plant is doing well – you can’t buy jalapenos (or most mexican food ingredients) at the store or the markets here 🙁 so we are going one better. If I can just find some tomatillo seeds or seedlings they can go in next to the capsicums and stuff. Mmmmm Mexican!

Chi (aka Delana) made Iron Chef class dinner – the “butternut pumpkin” battle. The tre-colore pasta combo with roasted sunflowers + pepitas and artichoke hearts floored the judges. It was followed by apple tea cake. Just call her ‘Supa Chef’.

Rumour has it that the folks who have purchased Mum’s old place are keen to spend megga bucks to transform theit into the magnificent castle we always knew it could be. I believe there is a little girl moving in too. That makes me very happy. Yay #15 lives on!

In a surprise turn of events Brian’s mum and her hubby Paul have just bought a log cabin mansion on the Chena River in Fairbanks!! It’s nice when there’s at least one mansion in the family 😀 Dawn is planning to run a bed and breakfast. You know that I know that you know she will have a reputation for the best B&B in Fairbanks in absolutely no time flat – she’s just that kind of lady. Actually to be fair they are that kind of couple – no second best for Dawn and Paul. The only B&B in Fairbanks with a sulphur crested cockatoo to greet you at the entrance! I’m excited to visit – no doubt you noticed.

The art biz goes well. I was interviewed for a magazine article last week (!!) and all systems are GO! for the CACSA exhibition next month. Boo got a nice raise from the Chocolate Factory. Our baby is still missing; although my friend Merrie just had her first – Harriet. She’s no troll baby :yar:

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