I thought some of you might be interested in tuning in to Radio Adelaide this Saturday at 10am, as Cath Kenneally, arts writer and critic, will be interviewing Mark Kimber and I about our Mentorship and the CACSA exhibition. I’m very nervous (that’s not news!) and imagine I will make quite the boob of myself. It might be fun for you to have a chuckle! They do a live webcast, dontchaknow.

3 thoughts on “Radio

  1. I will be listening from the chocolate factory tomorrow – yay for monthly compulsory Saturday shifts ;_;

    Gooduruck, reya!

    Oh yeh – speaking of choc, I’ve recieved my certificate (framed even, ooh!), so I am Aussie-Qualified to confect now.

  2. hi aurelia
    i read this
    way to go!
    i am still trapped in california
    i have not forgoten you
    i couldn’t figure out your email address so all the fans and papparazzi wouldn’t ease drop
    and email me back
    *mod edit *hearts*
    so i can send a message
    miss you guys,
    love birhane(magical princess)

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