Maybe you remember me saying back in October of last year that I was interviewed for a magazine article? The interview was published in a glossy local magazine called Adelaide Annual 07. There were lots of famous and tres chic mucky-mucks in it… and me! The article was one of three about Mentorships organised by the Helpmann Academy. I was lucky enough to be selected for a mentorship experience with artist Mark Kimber. We were both interviewed separately, and then prettied up for a photoshoot. The photographer responsible for all of the beautiful images in the magazine – the lovely Jacqui Way – has said I might put one of the images from our photoshoot on this li’l weblog.
Mark Kimber & Aurelia Carbone, photo © Jacqui Way This isn’t the image that made it into the magazine – in that one Mark Kimber and I look so sharp we might cut you!

It was most unusual being on the other side of the camera, but Jacqui made it a fun and relaxed experience… you can’t tell, but there’s a wee baby in that tummy!

7 thoughts on “Pritzen!

  1. You do indeed look gorgeous. Thanks again for sending the copy of the magazine. It is quite impressive to show off to my friends and will sit on my coffee table until you do your next famous thing.

  2. I don’t know how they could have left that image out of said magazine.

    You’re smoking, and the chap doesn’t look to bad either…

    It’s awesome you’re getting the recognition you well deserve, congrats on that 🙂

  3. Wow, you look amazing, love it! How’s the bub?
    So happy for you guys and miss you loads! Any more snaps of the up to date bump?

  4. 😳

    I feel it appropriate to quote from a kid called Joel in my grade 4 class at Norwood Primary:
    “Back fans, back!” 😉

    We *did* take bump pictures… blessed if I can find them. I will be sure to take more and post for your edification. Perhaps it will suffice to say that my bellybutton has transformed into an “outtie”? Also, I appear to have put my brain in the freezer with the dirty dishes and the car keys. O_o

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