Have we met?

Orlando and Mr. Jasper

So much for that Troll Baby I’ve been talking about for umpteen years, our little Orlando is so beautiful I can hardly believe he’s my baby! I was expecting to love a squishy lopsided little thing, and here I have a Very Handsome Man on my hands. I should have believed his Gramma when she said the Domroeses make beautiful babies. I could have named him Alessandro after all.

Good looks aren’t the only thing he’s inherited from his Dadda and Grandpa – he’s also a night owl. Somehow 2am is ‘playtime’ according to ‘lando. He’s also remarkably strong, an excellent listener, and not fond of the cold. Just like his Dadda, I go all gooey whenever I look at him.

There’s a lot more to being un-pregnant than I imagined. In my ignorance I didn’t think that I’d need to give my body a chance to put all the bits back in the right spot before I could go about being a tweaker. There’s so much I want to do! Thank goodness no one is trying to put me in bed with a cup of tea – they might get hurt! Although, a cup of tea would be nice. Thanks Bri. 🙂 I’m in very good hands.

Orlando earnt his first nickname on our first day at home. True to his Cinese Zodiac sign of the (fire) Pig, he makes snuffly piggy noises whenever he is having a cuddle or looking for a snack. We had been using the term “gub” to mean scarfing a whole packet of biscuits etc., and so our little piggy became The Gub’nor. When not officiating Matters Of State, The Gub’nor prefers to take his tea in the Parlour – or beside the fireplace at Edge Delicatessen where he can meet with his public.

Today we had a visit from the Director of the Ministry for Accelerated Development – Miss Lilith, 8 months old. We were able to share all our best toys. The Pirate Squeak continues to be quite popular with the cabinet members (thank you Deborah, Mark & Dash!).

13 thoughts on “Have we met?

  1. Dude! Next time you wake up from a nap, have a look in the mirror!

    Actually, that comment was almost unbearable…

    Thanks for all the photos. How lucky you are to have such a beary beautiful boy.

    (Hey, you started it).

  2. Thanks for the pics you guys! He is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the bear suit 😉

    And by the way ‘relia, I just wanted to also say “I told you so” since he’s SO obviously not that Troll baby you’ve been on about for so long!!

  3. Thanks for keeping us connected. We’ll miss you in Fairbanks. I’d love to get my hands on Orlando, and see his parents! LOL

  4. Wow… I track down a couple of semi-long-lost friends, and look what they’ve gone and done!

    Good on ya both, he’s absolutely gorgeous – is that much cuteness allowed in one household?

    Now that I’ve found your website, I’ll try to keep up a little more. Nice to find yet another addition to my summer of friends babies!

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