Discoveries to Date:

Orlando relaxy in his bath

  • Orlando’s favourite music is Múm
  • He’s especially fond of hot pink, bright orange and emerald green
  • Orlando enjoys to be upside down (he also likes it when Dadda helps him ‘fly’)
  • He has ticklish feet and belly
  • Orlando pouts before voicing his disapproval
  • He *looooves* bathtime
  • He can flare his nostrils!
  • He likes to smell lavender or camomile
  • 4 thoughts on “Discoveries to Date:

    1. you guys have the coolest baby in the world! hope your all well… by the sounds of it your loving every minute of it.
      can’t wait to meet the little chap. we should be over early next year.

    2. Kieran + Luci – I was just thinking about you guys while I was poking about in our backyard. I’m excited that you’ll be coming back so soon! Feel free to enjoy the beachlife from our house while you are here – we have lots of room if you don’t mind roughing it a bit, and I know you don’t mind 😉

      The little guy is absolutely the coolest. You are absolutely right 😀

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