7 thoughts on “Hello Gramma!

  1. o.k. am I blind? or is it a joke about “gramma”s eyesight?

    I find out tomorow when I get to leave! how crazy is that!?

  2. whatchu talkin’bout Willis? It’s a few second long movie of Orlando being uber cute, with a dumb little intro courtesy of iMovie.

    *obey the cuteness*

  3. Oh SIGH!!!!

    What a beautiful child.

    Do be careful about playing airplane——that little brain isn’t fastened yet and slides around.
    Kind of akin to the shaken baby thing.

  4. that has to be just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! BTW I have put some new pics of Harriet on my facebook so look them up & Winston would love to hear from you.

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