some news (by special request)

Brian is on holibags this week. It’s been very fun! Every one of us is feeling the relaxy vibe and so happy to be able to spend time together. Orlando looooooooves his Daddy, and I loooooooooove Orlando’s Daddy, so it all works out pretty well. The little man has acquired many new skills. My favourite is the ode to my full belly sonata. The most recent development has been his figuring out how to make the really big splashes in the baby tub.

Some highlights of the week:
My friend Christine is visiting from the UK. Orlando fell in love for the first time.
I don’t know how to explain to him that she’s getting married, life’s rough, eh?

kickin it in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens We went on a picnic in the Botanic Gardens. We visited the reinvented Amazon Waterlily Pavilion. It is a really amazing piece of architecture for a fascinating flower. Brian pointed out what a wonderful place it will be to visit in the middle of winter – a little taste of exotic heat.
Then! on to lunch on the Plane Tree lawn.

Check out ‘lando’s pants – that’s nappy technology right there. Cheers Gramma and Andrew!

3 thoughts on “some news (by special request)

  1. !!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to meet Orlando- I loved spending time with youses in your beachside rancho relaxo..

    That positive atmosphere is contagious – I’m sitting here with a blanket around my shoulders listening to the buses accelerate in the rain but I’m recalling warm Summer breeze and dapply garden shade.. aaahh….

  2. In 20 mins I wish you and all yours a very happy and giving ‘Brine ‘n Bastey Turkey Day’.

    {…p.s (not to publish-Is D ok?) I know your not her keeper but I haven’t heard from her in a while?…}

    Miss you all.

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