5 thoughts on “the Continuing Adventures of Big O and Dr. J

  1. Big O is really getting BIG. He really is the best looking baby I have ever seen. I’m sure he will grow up to be an Aussie movie star.

    Say, people keep asking me if you have started that elimination training?

  2. I’ve been totally slack on the EC front. We spend so much of the time out and about it hasn’t really felt practical. Orlando will do a wee with a verbal cue (most of the time) but I only ask him to just before a nappy change. I have become a bit of an expert at predicting the onset of “biscuit pants”, and now that Orlando can sit up on his own (!!) there’s no reason not to just sit him on the potty.

    Poo has always been one of my favourite topics of conversation…

  3. hee hee – didn’t cotton onto this site for far too long!! so cute, so fun, just so lovely – you guys – a great household to be a baby – maybe i get a jumpysuit and move on in! Looking forward to a break from work and some visiting over Christmas. smoochies to three.

  4. Wishing you and yours a Very Merry ‘Rankin & Bass’ Christmas. Especially Big O and Dr. J (Dr. J Its way too cool, where can I get one?)

  5. Weeelll. . . word is Tristan has discontinued his adventures in toymaking, so the sad truth is, maybe you can’t? Do not rule out extortion, however.

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