Reya is THIS many ^_^

Happy 30th Birthday, Aurelia! toot!

I have a vague recollection of my mother, on her 30th birthday, receiving a card with a cartoon Amerindian on it, sending smoke signals over some hills, + saying “You 29?” . . . inside was just the indian packing up laughing, I think. I didn’t get it (+ I may just be making up the over-the-hill visual). . . I don’t think my mom was very happy about turning 30. . . but I can’t say that’s the case here, eh Spring Chook? 😀 We have had some wild times, but I think this past year we have really gotten in the deep end – that little mans won’t take his nap, he just wants to practice his rolling-around ablyes :nekopan:

We are gonna have some real fun, so best grab your party shoes!
(I’ll post pics after sobering up etc)

12 thoughts on “Reya is THIS many ^_^

  1. I’m here to wish Aurelia a happy birthday. 30, holy shmokes! It was just another day for me, much like every birthday, although as ritalin says, “if you don’t celebrate special occasions what kind of uncultured bum are ya?” or something close to that. He’s right, of course. Happy birthday to you and may it be really, really drunk. Or at least moderately buzzed, or just plain old happy. Happy’s good. 🙂 Say hi to Lando from his green, hairless, pointy-eared Ewokian friend.
    Uncle Daron

  2. I woke up today and did my usual check on myself with the ‘got my keys in my right pocket, du du nah nah, got my wallet in my left pocket, du du nah nah, and thought to myself ‘all systems go’ but still felt I was forgetting something. low and behold I totally was! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RELIA!

  3. I’m so sorry I’m a day late and a dollar short. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mum….I remeber 30 like it was six-and-a-half years ago! I had 3 monkeys at that age……so i quite a bit older now that they have thrown that much time on my back!

    I hope guys have a smashing party and make sure that Orlando doesn’t drink you under the table….what a sad state that would be.

    Love you from jj clan monsters and such….rRRrroooowwwwrrrrrrr!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! 30 years is nothing to sneeze at, great accomplishment methinks. So congrats and party hard.

    Me, I think I’ll take a page out of Daron’s book and get drunk in your name. So here’s to you!

    *holds up drink ceremoniously*



  5. Happy Birthday!

    hope the day was really fun and super awesome and you didn’t end up on the porphyry after one too many!



  6. 😀 Thank you for all the Birthday Salutations. Brian made the warm-up to the big Three Oh rather pampering, so by the time it arrived I was Princess. My convictions were confirmed with masses of flowers and edible blooms! The following day was the big Surprise … I still feel queasy O_o

  7. dirty martini Best monster movie, ever.

    Big thanks to everyone who came, especially everyone who had no idea what they’d signed up for. . . just like the birthday girl, heh heh. Here she is, enjoying a dirty martini at our formerly-favourite spot, the Apothecary. They’ve switched up the rooms + closed the dungeon to us crawlers – just not the same anymore :/

    Strawberry!! Orlando had a great time at the family dinner – he was quite please to be sitting at the table with the rest of us, showing off his manners. Yeah, he snuck a strawberry, + he was very pleased with how that turned out!
    Girls Love Cake Here you can see the birthday “cake”, 100% delicious, nevermind the fight over the larger chocolate covered bits. . .

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