4 thoughts on “dragonfly

  1. all I see is a girl in her birthday suit on a tire swing? is this like the twister girl and I’m seeing something totally not there? love the color on it. think I’ll have to stop by some time to check it out in person.

  2. No need to have your eyes checked Jamie ^_^

    Glad you like the colours – this one has been on the side for a while now. Whenever I mixed up too much of a colour for something else, the remainder went on this canvas; trying to cut down on how much chroma I let go to waste. . .

    Drop in anytime, coffee’s always hot!

  3. All I gots are these low-end happy-snaps, not much good for printing if that’s yer mind. I lazy for this site, the pay is shite dunno

    I can make some high-end prints without too much trouble, though for me to get them to you, the post office requires you to have a not-by-the-muddy-banks-of-the-Wishka address 😀

    Also: LOL@boom.gov free mans

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