This one is for you, Ben

Last Thursday, the 3rd of April, would have been Jaisis 30th Birthday. In an absolutely splendid case of serendipity my sister Delana Carbone had her first ever art exhibition opening that night @ dragonfly (bar) on Victoria Square. The exhibition is called Hunting, and the work itself came into being through Jai’s inspiration. To put it simply, if Jai was around to carry on cutting stencils, Delana probably never would have.

Delana Carbone

The night was excellent fun, especially with baby-in-a-bear-suit in tow. Delana surprised herself by selling A Grip of her work on opening night ^_^ Well done Chi Sai!!

In other news: (this bit’s for you Jamiesan) we went out for dinner with the baby for the first time on Friday. Where did we go? Thea of course!! While I don’t recommend it as a great place to take your wee one out for a meal as it really kills the tranquility when Little Mr wants to Squeak; the staff made us feel so welcome it felt like a homecoming. Two of the waitresses even asked to have their photos taken with Orlando!! The Gubnor has officially pronounced Thea to be absolutely delicious. He particularly enjoyed the Hainan-style Rice dish.

3 thoughts on “This one is for you, Ben

  1. This one is for you, Delana.
    And boy oh boy, do you deserve it.
    Not due to some tragic past stories but ‘caus the YOU NOW, kick’s it wicked-haad.

    They tell me: ‘first ever art exhibition opening that
    night @ dragonfly’

    Not to crash it out South-Style and depress-itup

    Many great memories of our past peep Jai. So quickly… time justs seems to….LURK, and lurk…and ‘den nada!!!

    Ben 3rd of March, Jai 3rd of April. We were both watching our Huntress. As she hunts siblime and wild.

    Lots of love always.
    xxxxxxxxx oooooooooooo xxxxxxxxx

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