1st Birthday

I was more excited about Orlando’s birthday than anything since… my birthday! Heh. I like the family celebrations. With some helpful inspiration from Brian and the Woman’s Weekly Cookbook I made him a special birthday cake:
Caterpillar Cake
Brian and I are really really enjoying bring parents to our little Orlando, so we felt that there was good cause to celebrate our family; and invited those family members living close by to come party with us on Thursday night. We’ve put some small snippets of the evening into the comments, if you’d like to join us?

8 thoughts on “1st Birthday

  1. Xylophonery

    Aurelia picked me up a grip of polaroid film just in time for the birthday bash, so here’s a shot of our little man having a go at the true-tone xylophone his nanna gave him.

  2. a very short video in which Orlando proclaims the deliciousness of the birthday lasagne his Dadda made especially for the birthday feast.

    Wu was very impressed at being sat at the head of the table (with 9 other family members in attendance) and gave most of the speeches for the evening; after a battle with the head of the caterpillar cake, pronounced the evening a triumph and called for his bath.

  3. You know, I see a lot of toddlers wobbling in through the door, but you seem to have the cutest one, FOR REALS.

    Xylophone Polaroid! I think my heart broke..

  4. I can’t believe your little guy is already a year old! How did that happen? Happy birthday from Vermont Orlando!!

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