3 thoughts on “Australian Violet

  1. Rian,

    I love your style! I think you choose your colors well, and blend them very wonderfully. I look at the painting you did for me everyday and it makes me smile!

    Look…crazy writings……:p

    I think I sees me a……..nekkidness!:D

  2. Thanks jj. It’s fun for me that you’re enjoying that Medley so much, I can only express myself with this illegible symbol: ^_^;

    This one has some history; it’s on a re-used canvas. When we were still living in Portland, Oregon, I borrowed one of my roommate’s glitter paints (Zoe, age 3) + made a painting of a big ol’ violet for Aurelia’s birthday. When it dried, it went all crackly, which was cool – made it look mad ancient or something. When we moved to Oz, we brought it along, + it hung in the dining room of the Cambridge Terrace beachouse for many moons, until one day one of the many birds that hung out in the garden (I think it was a Murray Magpie) decided to raid the house. Of course, the giant schnauzer thought that was pretty wild, + both animals went a little berserk. Dog was restrained after much wooting, meanwhile, poor fearful bird shat everywhere, including on the violet -_-

    It was never quite the same, looking at it afterwards. Kind of the final critique, eh? So it was put away for a few years. I found it while tidying the sunroom last December, so I thought I’d revamp it for Aurelia’s birthday this year. . . took a little longer than I thought it would <_<

  3. Dude….I understand the symbols….

    The story just makes the painting all the more enjoyable. I love the fact that you took something that was essentially finalized, let the critics “poo-poo” it and made it into something just as, or more beautiful than the original.


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