2 thoughts on “Vitamins!

  1. That is, literally, my favourite ad EVER!
    I’ve been singing it for days since finding it on wonderful youtoob.. but before then, for years even! I wish ads were like this now – factually correct songs and unpatronising animation.
    (Good luck getting “I’m vitamin B, oh-oh-oh..” out of your head..)

    Have you also watched the Dirt and Germs one?
    (“some little kids even like to eat DIRT!”)
    or the one about brushing yr teeth?

    ah television,
    the 3rd parent..

  2. this is soooooooo happy!!!!
    I remember taking Dawns meds one day when she was little——–quite by mistake of course-called the pharmacist and after he stopped laughing he said I would be fine.
    Vitaminis were such fun in days gone by——-
    I had to hide them cuz they were too tasty.

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