curious transformations

curious transformations
I’ve been working on this one ever since I found out I was pregnant – that’s over two years ago! Talk about a slow worker…

Anyway, despite fear of spoiling the mystery, I can tell you that this image is all about the big physical and psychological changes I experienced when pregnant. It’s also part of the continuing adventure of the characters we first met in your place or mine? Remember Big Red? Well this is her all knocked up – glowing gold and with the most luxurious hair ever imagined, wandering around barefoot in the woods at night. The glowing ‘library’ is a reference to safety and the familiar. I suppose her bear friend is off on his own journey of discovery.

This image will be exhibited at Gallery 139 in December as part of the preview show for 2009.

6 thoughts on “curious transformations

  1. Actually, Bear is back in the Library, making cups tea + honey bread for when Big Red decides that wandering the woods barefoot while 4 months on with child is completely insensible for even darling, daring, world-savvy beauties in they toughie-toughie stance >_<

  2. @_@
    [edit for clarity]Reya, I really like the way you were able to maintain all the emotions that come with pregnancy. There’s happy, sad, pain, elation not only in her face, but in the scenery that surrounds her. Beautiful!

  3. Bethany – I love that you love the art I make! Thank you for being my first patron back at Reed. We had a great time with Chris, the baby adored him!

    Boo – 4 months? Looks more like 7 or 8 to me. :no:

    Jj – @_@ indeed. Thank you 😳

  4. Happy Turkey Day!!! Love the art. The lighting is so luscious. I would love to see how you set the stage for your work. How much is done in photoshop? Why library? Big hugs to all.

  5. Some great questions Ben. I learnt the hard way that it is much easier to just make things look the way you want *before* clicking the shutter, and avoid endless fussing with Photoshop. I save digital manipulation for the bits I wasn’t physically able to make. In this case I added in the facial details, took out the string holding the ‘balloon’ up, and popped in a nice moon. Beside from that I use Photoshop like I would have used an enlarger in the bad old days – to adjust colour and saturation.
    For this photo I used a lighting technique called ‘light painting’ which involves a dimly lit room, leaving the camera shutter open and painting in the scene using a small flashlight.
    I’ve been calling the building a library because it’s made out of some pages from an old book I found discarded on the road. Plus, I like libraries, they’re cozy.
    Hugs to you too!

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