Holdfast Summer

Holdfast:Summer thumb

Taking a break from robots to do a little landscaping – Holdfast Bay as seen from the Brighton Esplanade (note the Norfolk Island Pines hovering suspiciously along the shoreline to the right). Late afternoon swims are a welcome treat on hot summer days, well worth the risk of going blind when facing west + burning your feet on the sand. Click here or on the image to see the extremely large version in my gallery!

2 thoughts on “Holdfast Summer

  1. oh it’s gorgeous… reminds me of long summer days with the pink and purples at the end of the day. Hope you’re having a good summer so far…
    Miss you 3! When are you off trans-pacific?

  2. The Big Hot is finally rolling in. Love it, but it is brutal.

    We’re skipping winter here, heading for a Northwest Summer come June, right on O’s 2nd birthday ^_^

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