jelly push

oh cripes
I have a habit of jumping into things (icy water, overseas adventures, marriage…) without giving the situation due thought. I used to call it “flying by the seat of my pants”; but now I prefer to think it’s called “acting intuitively” because that’s something grown ups with beautiful children are allowed to do.

No matter what you might like to call it, that is what this image is about. Very specifically it’s a combination of two adventures – one at about age 11 when I went swimming off of Kangaroo Island and discovered the water to be full of very small, delicate, stinging jellyfish; and the other at age 21 in Oregon when I swung off of a tyre swing into a river (egged on by several young men yelling “C’mon Australia!!) only to discover that the water had melted off of a glacier only moments before and the rocks on the river bank were covered in tiny leeches. 😮 Both absolutely remarkable and beautiful experiences, but with an unmistakable element of terror.

9 thoughts on “jelly push

  1. I’m not seeing any terror there. just beautiful.

    although one of the jellies looks a bit like a human skull and spinal cord which is a bit creepy. but he looks a friendly fellow.
    and that might explain the girls mummy clothing?

    I suck at compliments.

    all that b.s. was supposed to say
    I like it, its beautiful and neat.
    sorry I’m a dick.

  2. This feels different for you. I love the growth. You see so many artist working in a style that evokes a positive reaction from friend/foes and they just get stuck.

    The ‘jonezer’ comments – hysterical, Funny dude

    Have a great new year


  3. Thanks guys ^_^ I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    fyi James, it’s not mummy clothing, that’s her skin. All my peeps have unusual colour skin (orange, lavender, blue…) this little lady (or androgyne) has black and white marbled skin. The ‘brains’ are found objects – they are the dried husks of what I used to refer to in primary school as “itchy pods”. Orlando found them when we were picnicking.
    oh yeah, and she will be scared – just as soon as she opens her eyes.

    Ben – I like to try new things. Keeps life exciting. I’m pleased you noticed 😀

  4. You’re coming to PDX in January!?! Email me and Orlando can meet Hayden, who is 7 months old now. Oh yeah, we had a baby. Who am I commenting to again? Where am I? Am I still awake?


  5. The first mate, he got drunk
    Broke in the Captain’s trunk
    Constable had to come and take him away
    Sheriff Jon Stone, why don’t you leave me alone?
    Well, I feel so broke up, I wanna go home

  6. Where is Delana???

    I an dying on the inside.
    (prone to traumatic fits of sullen darkness)
    I’m actually crying here.

    May all my peace go with you – bless’ed child,
    I don’t think I can’t paint again without hereing from my muse…..Where art thou?


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