The Opening (dun dun duuuun)

Aha, sorry this took forever to blog about, Carol (and anyone else who is interested).

So, the big night finally arrived… Brian and I have noticed that we have caught public transport to some of the more momentous moments in our life; this time I wore my flats and took my new heels with me. Schmart.
The opening of
It was a lovely warm summer-smelling evening. I suddenly remembered that, despite the new heels, the people skills part of this career is not my strongest point. However! My work looked precisely magical in the basement gallery, much the way it had looked in my head, and I had chosen flowers to match my dress; all of which was very comforting. There were a lot of people! They all really loved the catalogue (if you want one leave a message) and I talked almost non-stop until closing time. *phew* In the early minutes of the evening a tall and elegant lady approached me and said that she and her husband just love my work and they had bought local authority. I was stupefied. At this moment I am filled with regret that I couldn’t be sweet, endearing and gracious – instead I came out of my trance with the personality of a troll. Where was the gallery director to save me? More red dots appeared through out the evening and on the days following, a very rewarding and validating experience. Yay, people like it.
The super duper amazing Fiona & Nate, and solid gold Mark helped Brian and I celebrate after closing time, and jolly good fun that was too.
Also, I’d like to mention I have an amazing Publicist. During the exhibition there was a bit on my artwork in a local glossy monthly magazine, which was very cute if not entirely factual. The exhibitions were reviewed by The Adelaide Review, and were noted in Art Monthly. Also, I completely stuffed a radio interview. 😳 (more regret here). Never mind, there’s always next time 😀

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