Second Show

Orlando, Daddo, Mummeh + Nanna all took a sunny Thursday afternoon off to go to the annual Royal Adelaide Show. Mr. O went on the rides!

Nanna reports that the little guy was Gripping!! whenever the basket swivelled around 😀

We visited all the animal friends, getting a little too excited in the sheeps-zone, + one of the sheep headbutted his water trough to splash our happily shrieking child. We hunted for a cheap wristwatch ( lando is currently obsessed with time), but none appeared. Caramel popcorn was consumed, + we stuck around to watch motorcycles stunts + the fireworks display after dark.

When asked later, O admitted that tossing balls into the clown’s mouth was his favourite part.

4 thoughts on “Second Show

  1. Sorry, this is OT, but I could find no other way to contact you.

    I just discovered text about casinos, dating, and so forth in my cached pages on Google, but that isn’t on my site itself. Saw your post about this problem on Google forums, but no responses. Did you ever figure out what caused this?

  2. No worries, Michael. We did figure it out – after bumping up to the latest WordPress, the bad Google caching was still happening, so we dug around + found a bunch of malicious code in our .htaccess file, quite probably from holes left by prior versions of WP. It was telling search engines to look for stuff about nk.o offsite (at some fairly unsavoury places!). We’ve only just pulled that, but it hasn’t reappeared, + we’ll hopefully see our search engine results returning to normal 🙂

    Good luck!

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