6 thoughts on “Little Brother

  1. A just question Jamiesan! We know because the sonographer pointed to a large fleshy nub between the young one’s legs and asked me “What do you think that is?” Boy bits!

    Thanks for the happy, everyone! ^_^ We are excited!!

  2. So cute – he really looks like he’s blowing kisses or whispering through your belly button! HE!!!! Mad. Did you find out the sex with Orlando too?
    So what are these Japanese name suggestions? Better than giving a kid an average name that half a dozen other kids in their year have too 🙂 (my pet complaint to my mother for insisting on ‘Sally’ along with 5 others in my year…go mum!)

    Hope everything is going really well x

  3. you are among very very few people who i am just ecstatic to see multiplying!!! Hurray!~ congratz guys and i bet orlando would love to have a little bro (Japanese name or not 🙂 he probably will call him something entirely his own 🙂

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