We did it! Our very own house 😀 And it’s keeping us very busy too – garden designs, paint samples and curtains…
But before any of that, before we even contemplated moving into our cream brick veneer (with arches!) suburban semi-beachside (we can see the water!) 3br mortgage, there was . . . dun dun dun!!! The Carpet. It had to go. Oh yes. Nothing spells ol’ nana quite like a certain colour of carpet, coupled with floral curtains and brown wood veneer built in cupboards of random placement and no apparent function. Just like the end of year sale at Mr Bankrupts, it all had to go.

With 2 weeks before moving day we thought there was oodles of time. Built in furniture out, check. Not too hard. Carpet up and in the mini skip, easy peasy. Underlay up… hang on, what the heck is this black shite?

Apparently black rubber underlay was all the rage in the 70s. Nanna Robyn and the Back Breaking scrapeageUnfortunately it likes to become one with the wood floor underneath. Get out your putty knives, kids, it’s time to spend 3 days scraping the floor! …what is that funny smell? Try not to think about it, possibly just over-active pregnant nose. Thanks for your help, Nanna Robyn! Get all the staples out, hammer in the nails. Orlando is good at that bit.

Daddo gets to itMum doesn't like the smell

Great! Floor is scraped, random bits found underneath are removed. Lets squeeze the hire equipment into the back of our infinitesimally small car. No problems. What! This is taking forever, and there’s still black stuff ingrained in the floor. Only a week left and we still have a long way to go… Call in the reinforcements!! Yay for Barry and Lyndall!! Why you crazy people want to help us with this back breaking labour is a mystery, but we ask no questions. Lets get another machine, speed things up a bit… good idea Barry. FYI: anyone in Australia attempting this DIY project should listen to the Kennards Hire Man when he says it’s a b1tch of a project, leave their antique machine where it is and go get the good machine from Bunnings; called a Deva 10. Practically does the job for you.

Hmm, what’s this strange staining and why does is smell so bad here… OH GOD NO!!! The final revenge of someone’s small and untrained house pet… in nearly every room in the house X_X Okay, all of “The Bsssh” as Orlando dubbed the sanding equipment, is complete. Time to put the goo down. hard work pays off‘relia makes 3am trips to the new house in order to get all the coats on before moving day arrives…

And yay we are done! In the nic of time, too. Looks soooooooo much better and cleaner and less old nana, or “modern” as the realtor says when she stops by to see what we’ve done to the place. What do you mean the wardrobe won’t fit through the bedroom door??

5 thoughts on “Nest

  1. Oh the 70s! Did you do anything right re: interior design???? (of course we 70s kids were the only good looking thing to come out of that decade!)

    I’m sure my mum would appreciate the disposal of mission brown window frames and an end to the beer bottle glass that still haunts her place…

    Good job you guys! Looking fab!
    Hope the you good, any pictures of the bump or we’ll just have to wait til the finished product arrives?
    Loves ya, can’t wait to see you guys again!

  2. Wow! Your floors are great. Now I know who to hire if I ever buy a house that needs to have it’s floors redone.
    Best wishes to all of you.
    Love, Aunt Wendy

  3. Thanks guys!
    Karen: that is not a beer belly in picture #3. I am so enormous that strangers give me that wide eyed look like I’m going to pop at any second @_@. The baby is quite excited to play. It shocked the heck out of my midwife at our last visit by pouncing at her when she gave my belly a poke. Yes, in utero pouncing!!

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